Industrial Automation Solutions


ADVANTEK International was established in 1991. The company’s objective is to provide engineering services in the field of instrumentation and control, system integration and design for Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Gas Industries. Industry application experience includes: Turbosupercharger Control, Compressor and Pump Station Control and Data Acquisition, Turbomachinery Simulation. Most of the projects are based on PLC GE Fanuc  hardware and software.


As a growing engineering company Advantek represents a perfect combination of experience in the field and up-to date design implementation. With 10-20 years work experience, Advantek engineers are well versed in the use of GE Fanuc PLCs for a variety of applications.

For project requiring PLC, Advantek can supply a wide range of engineering services including system design specification, hardware and software integration, Cimplicity NT HMI, installation and start-up, training assistance.

With our specialists level of expertise we will integrate PLC, RTU, computer hardware, communications equipment and appropriate software to provide custom solution.

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Advantek Engineering - Moscow: 
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We are the distributors
 of the leader in industrial automation solutions in Russia & Ukraine

joint venture of General Electric Company and FANUC LTD of Japan